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Predictadamus was created to help traders make money.

Our Mission is to provide timely entries, in a few select symbols, that have a high probability of being profitable. We have over 10 strategies that give an incredible edge for trading the market and a few select symbols. They range from 58% average win rate per year all the way to 80% average win rate per year.

Computer Programming

Why  Predictadamus A.I. Strategies?

  • You will be trading with a back tested proven edge.

  • Superior win rates.

  • Consistent results and robust activity.

  • A.I. beats humans at most cognitive tasks. 

  • A.I. puts the power of statistics on your side with consistent and reliable high percentage odds of an edge.

  • The computer generated strategy signals are unemotional. It doesn’t panic or get euphoric. Eliminates guess work. 

With average win rates from 58-80%, you can enter with confidence, knowing that the odds are definitely in your favor. The computer finds edges that the human brain would not ever think to explore, let alone test and refine to the point of profitability. 

That is what makes trading with AI superior.  It does not pay attention to the news at all.  Learning to trade with an AI program takes practice. It is counterintuitive but once you experience the success of it, it becomes easier to follow the signals.   These signals are also great for options trading because;  Most winning trades occur with 1-10 days, with a lot occurring within 1 week. With the leverage of options this becomes extremely powerful.  We are not trading gurus or stock pickers. We simply take the computer generated signals and protect our downside while taking profits along the way to the upside.   If you plan to follow along, the 1st rule is, Protect your capital NEVER risk more than you are comfortable losing and can afford to lose without selling the house.

Losing trades can and do occur.
Sometimes several in a row.

Have a plan for the entire trade.

The computer will get you in but it is up to you to take profits along the way, as well as a stop loss to protect any remaining profits. Even though these are very successful strategies, you must actively manage any trade you enter.

Membership subscription

We sell a membership subscription to computer generated buy and sell signals for stock and options traders. The signals are updated each night for the next day. Members will need to login to the website to get the signals. 

A man pointing at his laptop screen

The future of trading is here. Discretionary trading is hit or miss.

The computer generated signals remedy that by offering the consistency of statistics. No emotion, just a statistical edge. (There are still losing trades with these strategies, as with any trading strategy, but not nearly as many as trying hand “pick” the correct symbol at the correct time.) This gives the trader an extremely powerful edge in the market. and let’s face it, most of us need a strong edge. These signals will get you in when the chart looks terrible and your brain is screaming noooo! That is what makes trading with AI superior.

The strategies we offer have a significant chance of being profitable if sensible risk management is used. We sincerely hope you find these signals profitable as we do!

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