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Collaborative Intelligence for Profitable Stock & Options Trades

*All data from Nov 2021 – Dec 2021

Our Story

Predictadamus was created to help traders make money. Our mission is to provide timely entries, in a few select symbols, that have a high probability of being profitable.

Our Product

We have over 10 strategies that give an incredible edge for trading the market. They range from 58% average win rate per year all the way to 80% average win rate per year.

The Benefit

You can enter your trade with confidence, knowing that the odds are definitely in your favor. Want to get started? Sign up today for a free 2 week trial.

Eliminates the guess work. Average win rates from 58%-80%

How it works

Line Charts

Line charts show the strategies equity curve vs. the benchmark. The lower line is the benchmark (S&P 500). The upper line is the strategies growth.


All of these strategies used ZERO leverage to achieve these results. We like to use the leverage of options to boost this number, although it is not necessary to achieve great returns.

A man pointing at his laptop screen

The future of trading is here. Discretionary trading is hit or miss.

The computer generated signals remedy that by offering the consistency of statistics. No emotion, just a statistical edge. (There are still losing trades with these strategies, as with any trading strategy, but not nearly as many as trying hand “pick” the correct symbol at the correct time.) This gives someone an extremely powerful edge in the market. and let’s face it, most of us need a strong edge. These signals will get you in when the chart looks terrible and your brain is screaming noooo! That is what makes trading with AI superior.

The strategies we offer have a significant chance of being profitable if sensible risk management is used. We sincerely hope you find these signals profitable as we do!

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